What makes us different is the way we have to do our, each of the projects we develop. They become personal. We get involved depositing the same illusion and energies that we would contribute to the construction of our own spaces.

And as such, we know that when someone decides to embark on something so big and long term. As the construction of its own project, it seeks solid and lasting foundations in time, in every way.

In our life we ​​look for trust as the first value, and given the ignorance of something new it is difficult to position oneself or others. That is why we have surrounded ourselves with the best professionals, backed by the best experience that can be requested. Hard work for years and numerous success stories.

Finally, what excites us most about our work, is to offer you the peace of mind and carelessness of leaving your dream in the right hands. And in turn accompany you, answer your questions and advise you in each of the parts of the process, from the most complex decisions to the simplest.

us different

what makes

We defend the specialization
and teamwork

PLANEA is formed by a team of professionals specialized in each process of real estate development of which real estate development, construction, acquisition of goods, legal advice, licensing, development of construction projects, construction of new construction, rehabilitation everything always until its complete execution.

We are convinced that the development of real estate projects, regardless of size or investment must be worked by multidisciplinary teams and thus make them viable in their execution.

We will put all the necessary resources so that, together with our experience, specialization in the sector and skilled labor, the needs of our clients are met.






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Project manager




“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is Success”

Henry Ford.