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The environment

The Villas are located in an exceptionally well connected area, next to the new roads that connect the Camino de los Almendrales with the highway or the roundabout at the confluence of the urbanizations of El Mayorazgo and Pinos del Limonar, in addition to other important communication routes , which makes it possible to access any point of the city in a few minutes.


In the vicinity of the Villas of Colinas del Limonar you will find the best schools and academic institutions, prestigious hospitals, private clinics, supermarkets, complete sports facilities, etc.

The Villas of Colinas del Limonar are located in a privileged natural environment but without sacrificing the benefits of a large city.


Orientation and access

Thanks to the excellent orientation of the plot, facing south, this proposal tries to take full advantage of the panoramic views.


The conditions of the same enhance the ideas of large windows to which reinforce the connections with its large garden turning towards the South as its immediate surroundings.


The access is produced taking advantage of the shortest pedestrian route from the street and the west facade of the house, the entrance being a glass curtain wall in all its height and a large access door covering the full width of this hollow of the wall of the low level.

Upper floor distribution

From the distributor there is immediate access to the different rooms but the views are centered on the stairs. The vertical connection core is made up of an elevator and the staircase around a central support wall that fails to divide it since on the upper floor it only protrudes 1 meter from the ground, thus serving as protection, ladder support and in turn giving the distributor an amplitude and continuous visual connection from any point


In addition to this, on the facade.

This the only limit that separates the staircase from the outside is a curtain wall that descends to the floor of the basement level because the patio lights are placed right in this corner, causing a feeling of height more large and a total integration with the garden vegetation.

Ground floor distribution

On the ground floor two levels are distinguished, high level by which access occurs and in which we can find: to the north an office, room, bathroom, protected from the sun with thick vertical slats on the west facade and to the south kitchen and dining room following a linear sense and opening to the Southwest area of ​​the garden that continues at the same level above the others creating a road without any trip to the sea, as in the office the thick lamas filter solar radiation from the west.


From the access to the kitchen and dining room there is also access to the living room and living room, which are located at the level of the garden. The living room is characterized by the 3 large windows, the double height and the texture of the floor that extends to the outside creating an infinite relationship with the large garden, the pool and the panoramic views.


Of the three large windows each one relates in a different way the living room with the outside, so that which is oriented to the North goes down to the basement level thanks to the patio of lights creating a feeling of another level and pleasant views of the lush garden. In the east-facing one, the chimney is located, thus heating the area that can be cooler, and the south-facing window opens the panoramic views and allows a limitless connection that is emphasized with the texture of the soil invading the garden and rolling the Longitudinal pool that develops towards the sea.



On the upper floor there are two suite rooms, the one facing the Southwest of the Principal, composed of a large dressing room illuminated through a window from floor to ceiling by natural light from the South, the bathroom facing West and the bedroom with south and west walls fully glazed and protected by vertical slats.

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Ten magnificent single-family homes strategically located in the east side from the capital of the Costa del Sol. Malaga.